One thing I love about President Trump is how he calls people out, and things out for what they are so him calling what he’s been put thru as the “single greatest scam in the history of American politics”, is both the truth, and not shocking from a guy who’s open, and transparent about his politics like Trump. He’s been open during the Russia investigation, and now on this Ukraine call. I’d like to see Obama’s transcripts with IRAN leaders or Russian leaders but the left doesn’t want to go there.

They know the skeletons in the closet will put a lot of them away in prison for a long time, and so while Trump delivered a strong message about the impeachment witch-hunt directly to the American people he also pushed a very bold move on immigration.

With “Nasty Nervous” Nancy Pelosi’s behavior adding fuel to the fire, the Trump campaign raised $13M in 2 days to ensure the radical DemonscRATS party doesn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office. But with the left now in full cognitive dissonance accusing Trump of what Biden admitted to, everyone is asking: How come the Senate isn’t investigating Creepy Sniffing underage girls Joe Biden?

Although he’s been the leading Republican diverting attention away from Biden and onto Trump, Mitt Romney’s NSA pick from his presidential run is on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company that’s at the middle of the controversy, and more reason to investigate as Mitt “Scumbag” Romney is involved somehow.

Like I’ve said this rabbit hole will lead to many leftists which is why they want Trump out now! The entire left congress is as afraid of this as Pedophile Island, and Epstein’s black book of shame.

Even his 2020 challenger Elizabeth Warren was caught like a deer in headlights when asked about Biden, saying she didn’t know if that situation would be appropriate for a VP, and now the hilarious part is that while the leftist idiotic morons who run congress are busy trying to cover up their own crimes, and or blame Trump for the crimes THEY are guilty off.

This is what Trump again correctly calls the “single greatest scam in the history of American politics” a few days ago without the left even probably paying attention Trump signed an E.O. allowing localities to veto “refugee” placement, and will likely reduce the annual limit allowed citing the crisis at our southern border.

In New York City, landlord who lost her rental home after her illegal tenant stopped paying rent was fined $17K for saying she’d call ICE in a desperate attempt to vacate the squatter or recoup some rent. Think about this now even as a landlord you can’t kick someone out without getting fined while the ILLEGAL is treated better by the left than the American citizens. This further shows the hate for this country the left has that they would fine someone for calling ICE which is a government agency! She lost money from an ILLEGAL who refused to pay the rent. Let that sink in… Two criminal alien rapists are on the loose in the Tri-State area after being released by local authorities in New York and New Jersey abiding by sanctuary policies that ignore ICE detainers, and down south in Louisiana, a criminal alien who crossed the border in a “family unit” is charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, and hopefully he won’t be released any time soon. And the day he’s released however long that is I hope he’s deported to the hell hole he crawled here from.

The plan will also reduce the role of the U.N. in picking America’s refugees, and instead give priority to religious minorities and Iraqis who have assisted the U.S. government, and to refugees the U.S has agreed to resettle on behalf of Australia.

Officials submitted the proposal to Congress on Thursday, kicking off a consultation period that will conclude with President Trump making a final determination next month. But based on past consultations, the 18,000 number is likely to hold firm and would be the lowest cap since the modern refugee system was created in 1980.

This marks a 12,000 drop from the fiscal year 2019 cap, and a major reduction from the 110,000 refugee target the Obama administration tried to set for 2017.

Michelle Malkin Follows The money trail Behind Open Borders agenda the left is pushing, and in her new book and gets to the controlled opposition neocons behind open borders, mass immigration, and the outsourcing of American jobs. One perfect example is the connection between Soros and N.J. A.G. behind the sanctuary policies that put child rapists on the street. Democrat Dick Durbin delayed the Indian visa giveaway to get MORE visas for foreign workers, a bad move that directly disadvantages American workers.

Even though the refugee number is low, the U.S. remains a leader in humanitarian protections, with some 350,000 asylum-seekers expected to begin claims next year. Asylum is protection granted to people already in the U.S., while refugees are those requesting protections from outside the country. Those people normally come from 3rd world shithole countries which are under evil corrupt governments. Some will come doing it the legal way like my family did decades ago, and some will be illegals. What angers latinos who are here legally is the same that should, and does anger clear thinking Americans. The law is the law, and to give illegals who are law breakers more rights than those of us who got here legally is just wrong, and defeats the purpose of both having any laws dealing with who comes and goes, and shows also how little the left cares for this country.

Last week, ICE released a memo about an Indian analytics firm caught committing visa fraud in Texas, paying their Indian employees Indian-based wages for their illegitimate employment.

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