Trump Denies Considering a Border Moat. That would keep them out tho. LOL

The Times reported that the president considered the moat, to be infested with alligators and snakes, but Mr. Trump attributed the story to The Washington Post… This is hilarious, and one I heard before he spoke about it so I know he’s not lying about how this story came about. He’s been such a target for dumb comments, and made up stories no wonder he says they’re all FAKE NEWS! They ARE!!!

But here is the funny part this is old like I said but guess where the media gets this from? OBAMA! That’s right folks… Here it is.

“Footage of former President Obama mocking Republicans by suggesting they would want to build a moat between the U.S. and Mexico resurfaced this week, after media reports emerged that President Trump had asked aides about the possibility of a moat filled with alligators or snakes on the southern border. ”

“This was literally a joke that Obama used in 2011 to mock Republicans on border security,” former Obama speechwriter and “Pod Save America” podcast host Jon Favreau tweeted Tuesday night, linking to a CBS News article on a speech Obama gave at the time saying that Republicans would “never be satisfied” with his administration’s border security policies.

“We need to triple the border patrol, or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the border patrol, or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat,” Obama said during the 2011 speech in El Paso, Texas.

Watch the Young Jerks make this b/s story into something it’s not! Like them bunch of nobody leftist assholes. Cenk can go fuck himself.

Lis Power, director of media intelligence at Media Matters for America, also tweeted a clip of the speech on Wednesday. The New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump suggested placing an electrified border fence on the southern border with spikes that could pierce human flesh, alongside a moat with alligators or snakes.

The Times also reported that Trump suggested to aides that soldiers on the border be allowed to shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down, but he was told by officials that that would not be allowed.

Trump denied the report on Wednesday saying the following, and I quote… “Now the press is trying to sell the fact that I wanted a Moat stuffed with alligators and snakes, with an electrified fence and sharp spikes on top, at our Southern Border. I may be tough on Border Security, but not that tough. The press has gone Crazy. Fake News!” the president tweeted.

But the media has selective memory, and of course hate Trump so an Obama Joke just became a thing they are now saying TRUMP said as “fact!”

Mr. Trump amplified his complaints during an Oval Office appearance with President Sauli Niinisto of Finland. But he attributed the article to reporters from The Washington Post rather than The Times. “It’s written by Washington Post people, so you know it’s inaccurate,” he said. “You know it’s probably a fraud.”

Taking aim at the owner of the The Post, the founder Jeff Bezos, Mr. Trump said that Mr. Bezos “ought to be ashamed of himself because what they do to his reputation — I think maybe it’s probably no good anyway, but what they do to his reputation with The Washington Post is a disgrace.”

The article, which appeared in Wednesday’s newspaper, was written by the Times reporters Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, and excerpted from their forthcoming book, “Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration,” to be published on Tuesday by Simon & Schuster. The Washington Post had no role in either the article or the book.

“The article, an adaptation from Julie Davis and Michael Shear’s forthcoming book, was based on interviews with more than a dozen White House and Trump administration officials,” Eileen Murphy, a Times spokeswoman, said in a statement. “We are confident in the accuracy of the reporting.”

Remember The Times article also reported that Trump “wanted the wall electrified, with spikes on top that could pierce human flesh.” But the president singled out for scorn the idea that “I wanted sharp spikes at the top” of border fencing, so that “it goes piercing through their skin.”

“Never said it,” he added. “Never thought of it.”

But the fun didn’t stop there! LOL Later on today In a press conference, Trump fired back at a pushy reporter that was ignoring the President’s guest, the President of Finland. As the reporter kept butting in with off-topic questions about Ukraine, Trump finally shut him down saying: “Are You Talking to Me?”

I LOVE THAT PART….. “Are you talking to me?” haha

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