Trump Campaign Trolls Kamala Harris by Saving Seat at VP Debate for Tupac 😂

Lying Kamala Harris who got smoked by Pence during the debate has been at the butt of many jokes related to late rapper Tupac Shakur. Last year while on the Democratic primary campaign trail, Harris said that she used to listen to “Pac & Snoop” in her dorm as a student in college. However, it didn’t take long for many to realize that the timeline didn’t match. Harris was roasted last week after naming Pac the “best rapper alive” during an interview with Angela Rye. This latest mix up was seized upon by the Trump campaign as they decided to troll the Dems VP nominee ahead of her debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

“I can confirm that we have left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, who as we know is Senator Harris’ favorite rapper alive,” said Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller during a conference call on Wednesday. “I don’t know if he shows up. I’m personally more of a Biggie fan if he’s still alive, but we will have a ticket waiting for Mr. Shakur,” he added. This is hilarious, brilliant, and once again a fantastic way to show how much of a fake she is, and how she loves to pander to people in the black community without even knowing the things she’s saying. She’s not a black person folks, and never has been. Donald Trump is more black then she is.

This is what I think Tupac would say about her if he was alive…

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