Trump Campaign Releases The Most Brutal Anti-Pelosi Ad Ever!

OK This is a video everyone needs to watch if you think Nasty Nancy Pelosi has your best intentions in heart. She’s a disgusting old woman who has more hate in her heart than money in her bank account, and is as empty of a soul as the actual teeth in her mouth. She’s a fake, a fraud, and she has been raking in MILLIONS for years by selling out to big corporations who give her MILLIONS for her to help them make BILLIONS.

To say she’s as bad of a snake as the worst snake on earth is an insult to that snake… The only women I think could possibly be worse are Hillary Clinton, and well take your pick from anyone of the women of the “Fraud Squad” or the “VIEW” these women are evil, and they all have one thing in common. They all love Rosie O’donnell! LOL

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