Trump administration expands counter-narcotics operation in the Caribbean

So check this latest news out on what is doing to combat drugs coming into the country, and this is something as an adult we all should be in favor off… I know we all experiment at some point with something in our lives. Be it “WEED,” or you name it… I’m not throwing stones as I smoke weed myself but I don’t mix into anything harder, and don’t even drink alcohol or even smoke Tobacco. This is how I maintain looking young into my 40s.

Now since the President ran he did so saying he wanted to make sure the flow of drugs coming in from the borders were stopped, and or decreased because ultimately the illegal shit you put in your body comes from these countries which get profit for cartels, and other major gang, mafia type groups which freed the drug market world wide.

Honestly those people need to get axed, and other than WEED there no need for those other man made drugs which are going to destroy your lives, and they kill people not just here in the states but world wide. The war on drugs has always been a failure in this country because of the fakeness it had over the decades. Many have stated that this same country that waged a war in the 80’s on drugs during the Reagan era (Being US!) flooded the streets with cocaine, and other drugs to make sure it affected the minorities with this like CRACK, METH, and other horrible drugs which again do nothing but kill. I don’t know how much of that is ultmily true but the fact remains that drugs is hurting millions, and
I seen the cause, and effect of a person going down that horrible path, and have lost friends due to addictions.

Now with all that said right now we’re going thru a crisis of world wide proportions! So it’s become easy target for some to get in with major drugs like “crack, cocaine, meth, xtc pills” and what not and who takes them mostly? Over decades of research numbers show that we know it’s young people experimenting, and old people who use them because they’re in some sort of self medication or have a lifelong addiction. Right now it’s dangerous for not just normal health reasons but we don’t know if people with COVID19 or an agenda to spread it are the ones bringing these drugs to our country which make their way to the street, and then into peoples bodies. Thus spreading this virus more.

So as of yesterday The US Department of Defense said they will deploy additional ships, aircraft and ground forces to the eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in an effort to stop drug trafficking in the region. The announcement follows last week’s indictment of Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro on narco-terrorism, drug trafficking and weapons charges. Something which is LONG overdue. That man needs to pay, and pay hard for what he’s done to his own people, and for this our President, and everyone involved should be behind helping to block anything which will feed Maduro and any communist/socialist dictator money, and cost us lives.

This move has taken on greater urgency following last week’s indictment of Maduro, Venezuela’s embattled socialist leader, and members of his inner circle and military . They are accused of leading a narco terrorist conspiracy responsible for smuggling 250 metric tons of cocaine a year into the U.S. Folks thats a lot of cocaine! A LOT! It’s an incredible amount per year so stopping that should save hundreds of thousands of people if they can’t get their cocaine fix they can get help, and save their lives. That drug is not good, and if we as a nation are serious about curing our people from their drug addiction this is a great move anyway but it’s urgent considering again we’re at war with Covid19, and with people like Maduro.

It also comes as Maduro steps up attacks on his U.S.-backed rival, Juan Guaidó. Maduro’s chief prosecutor ordered Guaidó to provide testimony Thursday as part of an investigation into an alleged coup attempt. The lawmaker, who is recognized as Venezuela’s leader by almost 60 countries, is unlikely to show up, raising concerns in the U.S. that he could be arrested. The U.S. has long insisted that it will not tolerate any harm against Guaido.

Maduro has blasted the Trump administration’s offer of a $15 million reward for his arrest, calling it the work of a “racist cowboy” aimed at getting U.S. on Venezuela’s vast oil reserves. Funny since Maduro is a socialist dictator who’s destroyed his country, and is killing his own people. He needs to be eliminated from this earth.

The Trump administration has long insisted that all options are on the table for removing Maduro, including military ones. Still, there’s no indication then, or now, that any sort of U.S. invasion is being planned right now but rather, the sending of ships fits into a longstanding call by the U.S. Southern Command for additional assets to combat growing anti narcotics and other security threats in the hemisphere.

In January, another Navy vessel, the USS Detroit, conducted a freedom of navigation operations off the coast of Venezuela in a show of pressure against Maduro.

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