Total hypocrisy IN FULL EFFECT! Biden & Milano!

@Alyssa_Milano and @JoeBiden
The perverted sniffer known as Creepy, Sleepy Joe Biden is still in the hot seat, and looking like a hot clown for his comments a seen in the picture, and as we now know the allegations which have out since the 90’s. Check out the picture below here.

But speaking of clowns the reason for this post is because the once who’s the boss actress Alyssa Milano who was very vocal against President Trump, and in the “MeeToo” movement is still backing a man who’s a known creep in Biden in the mist of his past actions from 1993 coming back to haunt him.
She is interviewed over being quiet until she got called out by Bernie bro’s, and she looked like a moron in the process. So while she wouldn’t give these same chances to others it’s ok to destroy someone’s life until it’s inconvenient for your candidate who has a history of being a gropper, and thus her hypocrisy is made loud, and clear. She said she was all about this movement, and caused a lot of problems with her stupidity, and NOW she overlooks it cause her Sugardaddy’s the one in the hot chair, and this isn’t a new case folks. But check out her idiotic comments when questioned, and listen how she can’t even explain herself, and is being LEAD into an explanation.

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