Top Political Commentator Says Melania Trump Outclasses Michelle Obama!

Humiliated Michelle? Feel that? Does it burn inside? I hope it does… Michelle who has been a frequent critic of the Trump administration despite the fact that her mantra was once “when they go low, we go high.” Meanwhile, Melania has avoided virtually all scandal during her time as First Lady, and has instead decided to focus her time on fighting online bullying. I know some say it’s Ironic as they see President Trump as a Twitter Bully but if you look at his antics most of the time he’s either punching back or cracking jokes.

I find it funny how the left are so fast to embrace a possible Pedophile like James Gunn director of Guardians of the Galaxy who’s firing from Disney got so heated they had to rehire him to avoid a PR nightmare. The guy who made hundreds of comments that were pro pedophilia, and had friends who were pedophiles on twitter he spoke with. They claimed he was joking but when Trump says a joke 15 years ago that has NOTHING to do with pedophilia the left tries to shame, and tarnish his entire life.

But let’s continue here shall we? “Jadan Horyn” The Political Commentator continued by saying “I don’t think she was effective in the same way as Melania Trump, because they tried to win this very fine line between her being a mother and doing her gardening. It was a very kind of PR-made persona. Whereas, it is quite clear from Melania that this is not conducted in some massive avenue advertising process. It is who she is and it is who she wants to communicate to the American public. So to me there is an element of authenticity which is why she is so mysterious to both the left and the right.”

But there was more! Horyn pointed out the contradiction of calling Hillary Clinton a “feminist” despite the fact that she stood by her husband when he was accused of sexual harassment back in 1998. He also said that Melania has chosen her role to be far from that of simply supporting her husband Donald Trump no matter what.

The U.K. Express reported that Horyn explained that Melania’s approach to being First Lady is way more successful than Michelle’s was during her time living in the White House.

“Michelle Obama was inevitably political, she could not be separated from Barack the candidate as opposed to Barack the President. She was one of his number one campaign vouchers,” Horyn said. “Yes, she is the most popular former First Lady, but everyone is generally more popular the less they talk about politics. When they tie her to Barack Obama and Barack Obama as a politician her popularity goes down.”

“If we look at Hillary Clinton who we call a feminist, but she literally said the words ‘I stand by my man’ when he was accused of sexual assault and harassment,” he said. “When you look at Nancy Reagan or Lady Bird Johnson, all of these women embodied the idea of a First Lady with this primary role to support their husband. And that’s all they existed for.”


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