TikTok dropped Hong Kong as new security law rolls out!

After a sweeping national security law that recently came into effect in Hong Kong, providing police with the power to force internet companies to assist with investigations. Last week, Tik Tok was one of 59 Chinese apps banned in India, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US is “certainly looking at a ban.” TikTok, which is a China-based, and owned tech company ByteDance, says it will end operations of the short-form video app in Hong Kong “in light of recent events.”

This wont affect me as I don’t use this app since it is owned, and ran by China, and it’s an app that pushes Socialist/communists content mostly. I don’t have it on my smartphone or tablets… Don’t recommend it for anyone. Would I ban it in America? Well that gets into a whole “Rights Issues” but fuck them China gave us Covid19 also, and with that they can stick TikTok up their TikTok.

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