This would have been his 50th Birthday…

So June 16, 1971 was the day Tupac was born, and after a short 25 years of life his life was cut short by a shooter, and one who is believed to have been Orlando Anderson the same dude who Tupac, and others on Death Row Records got into a fight the night Tupac was shot at the MGM hotel. This has been a long rumor since that fateful night, and one which I believe to be on point given my own person investigation into the shooting over the last 2 decades. Yes which includes actually speaking to people involved in the life of Pac, and who knew Orlando Anderson. They all think Orlando did it, and it was all set up after their fight. The current theme for years has been that Orlando called Biggie, and PDiddy and told them what happened, and they said to find him, shoot them, and the hit was for both Pac & Suge. Only Pac was hit the most, and died as a result, and the rest is now in the history books sadly.

A number of rumors have spread about the rapper over the years like when Suge Knight previously said the rapper had spoken about faking his own death when they were on vacation. His son, Suge J. Knight, is convinced Tupac is living in Malaysia and that his death was staged by the Illuminati. Many ‘sightings’ over the years have led people to believe that the star faked his own death, while others are convinced he’s living in plain sight.

Also Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur’s relationship has long been a topic of discussion and she went as far as to trash the biopic about Tupac “All Eyez on Me” which came out a few years ago as she said it didn’t show their relationship how it went down for real, and from what I was told that was done out of respect to her since she has not really spoken publicly a lot about their time together but she took it the wrong way and got mad. The two were high school classmates at the Baltimore School for the Arts, Tupac played Jada’s still head-over-heels in love ex-boyfriend on A Different World, and their platonic friendship is one that has been both admired and envied by many, including Jada’s husband, Will Smith.

In honor of his memory and what would have been the rapper’s 50th birthday, Jada shared a never-before-seen poem Tupac wrote. I think this is where he got the song name, and partial lyrics for the track “Lost Soulz” with Tha Outlawz. Anyway check out the video posted by her below.

You can read the full poem below:
Some say nothing gold can last forever
And 2 believe this I need no proof
I have witnessed all that was pure in me
Be changed by the evil men can do
The innocence possessed by children
Once lived inside my soul
But surviving years with criminal peers
Has turned my warm heart to cold
I used 2 dream and fantasize
But now I’m scared 2 sleep
Petrified, not to live or die
But to awaken and still be me
It is true that nothing gold can last
We will all one day see death
When the purest hearts are torn apart
Lost souls are all that’s left
Down on my knees I beg of God
To save me from this fate
Let me live to see what was gold in me
Before it is all too late