This is parenting done wrong!

So the level of stupid in this world sometimes amazes me! But a driver was captured cruising down Route 54 in Wichita, Kansas with two young kids strapped in booster seats in the bed of their pickup truck. Is well a sight one must see for themselves. Check the this out guys.

“what’s wrong with your people?” IS Right! I mean seriously WTF man? The crazy duo driving was recorded by Dimitri Fernandez, who posted the video on Twitter.

The video was sent to Wichita police, who told KNST-TV that what the driver did “was likely illegal.” No kidding! LOL I don’t know if laughing is ok but at least nobody got hurt. “Regardless if someone has made an attempt to install a seat back there, in this case, the video was just sent to me, in a couple of what look like child restraint seats, racing seats, any type of seats, if it’s not where the manufacturer intended for a seat to go, it’s illegal,” said Sergeant Jess Hancock… Jess Hancock. It should be Herbie Hancock

In another no kidding moment he warned that “while it may seem harmless and safe since the kids were strapped into the seats, they could be seriously injured in a car accident.” What sort of parent would do this?

The Kansas Highway Patrol responded to the tweet, explaining that Kansas law prohibits anyone “under the age of 14 to ride in truck beds, unless they are participating in a parade or using the truck bed for employment purposes.” INCREDIBLE!

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