🎙The Snydercut is Real! Here with me is Alex “TwoPointO” Haro to talk about it!

Finally the vocal #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has got confirmation that the movie or maybe mini series is happening sometime next year. What we know so far is that it won’t have re-shoots or so it’s been rumored but that the WB/DC Comics along with it’s parent company AT&T have gone green with this one handing over what some are saying could be between $20 to $30 Million to let Zack Snyder finish his take.

For months and months now… OK since the JLA movie came out fans of Man of Steel & Batman V Superman (which Alex and myself aren’t)have been very vocal online about wanting this movie made more then life itself.

Our good friend “Zodwriter” who has his own podcast “The Zodwriter Show” heard on www.psn-radio.com live Tuesdays from 9pm to 11pm est. has been one of the most vocal members of that community. We can give him this win! And me, and ALEX are happy to eat crow over this one, and are happy for him, and his new pals.

While I find it ironic, and a funny twist of fate that we met during a time when Zodwriter was on the other end of this laugh as he wasn’t a Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy fan, would do shows, videos, and call us Nolanites, and trolls. Now he knows how we felt for being fans of a movies he didn’t like.

The Nolan movies were loved by a majority of the fans, and are still regarded as the GEM the studio hold other movies up to now, and while Nolan hired Snyder himself, and was his initial pitch of Man of Steel to the WB that got the ball rolling on the DCEU the blind hate for NOLAN was something the anti Nolan crowd forgets. While most now support the Snyder movies, and they have all been movies which failed to live up to the hype, and under performed in many ways but most importantly for the studios the box office.

Either way this is a win for the fans of Zack Snyder and his take, and our hats off to the loyal Snyder fans who stuck it out, and made enough noise, and now will get to see something closer to what Snyder had in mind. IS This an actual “SnyderCut” well not really tho remember the JLA movies initial pitch was a 2 part movie, and then that got re worked into a single movie when Batman V Superman under performed.

So a re-worked script, and extended shots for JLA were ordered, and when that was about to happen tragedy struck Zacks family as he lost his daughter, and so he left the movie to the studio who hired Joss Whedon to do the reshoots, and finish the job. He also had issues in finishing the job and what was left was a hot mess that flopped both with fans at the boxoffice, and critics.

Now this will either be a fixed up version of the 4 hour assembly cut of the movie OR a mini series of the film where they add all they can, and split it into 4 to 6 part mini series. The final product will land on HBO MAX which is looking for a breakout show or series to compete with the likes of “The Mandalorian,” “Stranger Things,” and “Cobra Kai.”

For now tho let’s see what happens as the news just broke, and me, and Alex did eat some crow on the news after it broke as we never thought this would actually happen… I heard that six months ago this was DEAD but since Covid19 has changed the way we live our lives, streaming tech is becoming a bigger player in the movie industry, and so this has now found not just new life but a landing home on HBO MAX. Once again it comes out during 2021 when Zack Snyder is done with what for now is still called “JLA: The Snyder Cut.”

Check out the video, and please comment below.

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