The Round Table Show W/ Bryan J.L. Glass

Joining the round table this week is someone both famous, and infamous! He’s best known and is famous for his work as an American comic book writer, known for the books “The Mice Templar,” a creator-owned series that he publishes through Image Comics, and for which he won two Harvey Awards.

But in the world of UFOLOGY he’s infamous for a phone call to the Art Bell show Coast 2 Coast AM back in the 90’s which some say til this day is 100% legit! Well Bryan was the now world famous Area 51 caller.

This is 20 years later, and we have much to talk about with him about what that call means to him looking back all these years later, and of course we will talk about the awesome work he does with his books.

Jesse Randolph joins the show during hour 1 to talk about what’s happening in the news! He brings it strong this week…

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