The Round Table Show

Join the fun as the guys talk about the current #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement which Zodwriter is DEEEEP into, and who’s been one of the biggest, and most vocal cheerleader for this movement from day one. He really does deserve tremendous accolades for the time he’s put in for that movement, and he’s gone out of his way on all his show to show the fans of the Director Zack Snyder’s now confirmed CUT of his Justice League movie. The one which will be playing on HBO Max!

Which is also a big part of the show tonight. The streaming wars! Who will take on the JLA from Snyder on HBO Max, and Baby Yoda, and the Mandalorian on Disney+ ? As we said YouTube has it’s own powerhouse with “Cobra Kai” and they look to be serious players with that series now heading into it’s 3rd season. But what does this mean for other streaming services? Well listen in and find out more. We had a lot to talk about so it got into a 3 hour show tonight guys so I hope you enjoy the show, and we shall see you again on the next episode.

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