The Round Table goes UNDERGROUND & UNCUT!

So for the first time ever we joined the World Pirate Radio Podcast Network for a Simulcast episode with their host Japhy Ryder. Now this was really his show that I butted into as you will hear on here I had to call, and join the show to talk about brother JOE E, and his hoarding of TP for his brown eye… Such a good time was had that we we’re on for 6 hours! I Left the show uncut minor a little tweaking here, and there to clean up some stuff. Overall we had a great time, and check out the pirates over at for all the content over there as Japhy Ryder, and company keep us informed via the news going on today from all parts of the world. He along with V-Hardcore, and JOE E will also join the show here on The Round Table Show via some hardcore simulcasting we will be doing between our 3 networks, and again tonight it was a whole lot of fun so sit back, and no matter what part of the world you’re in… Enjoy the show!

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Music in intro On behalf of: Spaceboy

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