The officer who pepper sprayed Caron Nazario has been fired! WOW!

OK So this guy is now gonna have the nerve to sue the cops? I mean seriously anyone who watches the body cam, and then his footage can easily tell he’s the one not just at fault! But with how he acted it’s like he was trying his hardest to get shot. But to add insult to injury the officer who hit him with pepper spray was fired! HOW The hell? This moron “Lt. Caron Nazario” was not following the officers commands, he wouldn’t come out the car after being asked over, and over, and over like 15 times to do so. He kept acting stupid or maybe was HIGH! He looked stoned out of his mind, and can’t say nobody else hasn’t noticed?

The cop was actually nice considering the actions of “Lt. Caron Nazario“, and he was with a weapon in the car… How are the cops going to know if he’s even sane? There was nothing wrong at all done by the cops here, and to fire the one cop is a joke, and it shows how the powers on the left are hell bent on making the cops always the bad guys if now it’s a liberal who doesn’t obey the law.

Check out this video as the Lieutenant STOPPED by Police body cam is EXPLAINED by Officer Tatum…

What makes this case so incredibly sad is the cops did everything pretty much right! They didn’t shoot him, they de-escalated the situation which “Lt. Caron Nazario“ was trying his best to make a bigger deal out of by avoiding to comply with the officers demands. I mean this is the sort of mentality which has now crept into the minds of these liberal young people who think they don’t have to listen to the law. This isn’t cause he’s black because a lot of White, Asians, Latinos also act this way. This is an elitist mentality. I’m Latino, and I’ve seen this sort of behavior first hand from some of my own.

The shocking thing is the cops were for the most part VERY reasonable, and should get applauded for being so patient with this absolute disgrace to the military. He should be dishonorably discharged and that’s my final say on this one folks I’ve seen enough to know that now the city is pandering to him cause he’s a black liberal in the Army.

The officer, Joe Gutierrez, was terminated for his role in the Dec. 5 encounter involving “LtCaron Nazario“, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, the town of Windsor, Va., said in a statement posted on its website.

Officials said an internal investigation had determined that Mr. Gutierrez’s actions were not consistent with the department’s policies. They did not provide further details on when Mr. Gutierrez had been fired.

Body camera footage of the encounter has drawn widespread attention and criticism of Mr. Gutierrez, as well as another officer who was also involved in the traffic stop. Both officers were sued on April 2 in U.S. District Court in Norfolk by “LtCaron Nazario“, who has accused the officers of using excessive force and violating his constitutional rights.

LtCaron Nazario” is what Pelosi, and the democRATS want to keep in the military while they’re actively throwing out conservative military people. In other words if you’re a white conservative military person the left will have you thrown out, and so they could keep morons like this. This dude was totally trying to set the cop up to do something to him so he could become another victim of police brutality. The fact is the officer is the victim of this morons idiotic behavior. They should arrest this man, and take him on in to jail for his idiotic behavior. This guy is also a liar, and someone who openly caused this to happen to him.

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