The National Day of Prayer at a White House 05-07-2020

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump commemorated the National Day of Prayer at a White House service today and it was a wonderful event. I’m agnostic, and don’t practice any religion I was raised in a mixed “Christian” “Jehovah’s Witnesses” house with parents who really were never very into religion themselves. They went to church, and stuff cause the family or friends would go, and it was something social for them to do I guess… Remember no internet in the 80s and not DVDs were a thing yet. So this was like hanging out online chatting with Friends or streaming movies online with friends, and having a group hangout. But instead of watching a movie we got to see a bunch of possible pedophiles in long dresses pretend to give a crap about the very shit they’re talking about. But well I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Out of respect I’ll keep it clean… IF you’re a believer in thy lord and savior (good luck on that) or his son who he sent to redeem us of our sins (so far we still sinnin!) than you’re going to love the words everyone spoke.

Now even for someone none religious like me the overall presentation was nice, and the dude Mario the landlord deserves a round of applause. He took a major loss in the pocket book the last few months over the Covid19 lockdown, and did a wonderful and humane thing for his tenants. He waived their rent for the month. Good guy, and very touching speech. So anyway check out the video below, and enjoy…

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