The Logos are the window to the mind of these people!

I’ve always said that logos you have for yourself often tell the story of who you are in your mind, and we can tell a lot by symbology, and well do you think this is a coincidence? It is not folks, and do you remember how I pointed out the Marco Rubio post from a few days before where Antifa had on the logo also of the USSR? Remember guys these are Marxist, Communists and Democratic Socialists working with George Soros, and China, and other powerful entities in motion to bring this country down.

Antifa, and BLM are racist hate groups whose agenda has nothing to do with helping minorities….it exists only to destroy the Constitution and the US. And it’s become clear the LEFT and all these democRATS are 100% behind this total take over of our country.

On August 16th 2017, Shaun King, a Dickhead Left-Wing Activist Endorsed AntiFa, and he of course is tied into BLM as he’s one of the head members, and yes folks. He’s white.. So very white, and yet he hates this country, flag, and way of life so much he wants to destroy it, and turn it into a shithole like Venezuela, Cuba, and USSR. This folks is one of the main assholes who needs to be in prison for treason, and openly endorsed the violent AntiFa movement in the wake of the violence surrounding the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

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