The left’s pissed off the Cube!

As the United States continues to fight over election controversies caused by Democrats in their need of power, and hunger for pedophilia, and other disgusting things they love, rapper and Hollywood actor Ice Cube silenced the lunatic liberals who continue to attack him for working with President Trump with a single tweet.

Ice Cube: “Let me get this straight, I get the president of the United States to agree to put over half a trillion dollars of capital in the Black Community (without an endorsement) and Nigg*s are mad at me?…have a nice life.”

I BET A lot of Rappers like Cube are starting to feel this way also, and if Biden gets in say bye bye to your money you big established Rappers. Your taxes gonna go sky high, and maybe then you will see the error of your ways. By the way Eminem is still a bitch for doing that diss song towards Trump. Slim Anus is nothing but an 8Mile POS who made it big when he opened his butthole to the Producer who made him a “STAR” by giving his demo to Dr Dre. I can list off 25 rappers dead and alive who are better, and more dope then STAN could ever be. But back to ICE Cube getting attacked by the people he used to see as his people should make him feel like Trump since the Rap community done that to Trump after years of loving him they turned on him when he beat Hellary. Shame really.

The movie mogul and Big Three basketball league founder unveiled his Contract with Black America earlier this year. Last month, Ice Cube said the Biden campaign told him to wait until after the election to work with them on policy aimed at black Americans. He also said the Trump campaign reached out to him, and together they “made some adjustments” to the campaign’s “Platinum Plan.”

“Trump officials reached out to Ice Cube after he posted his Contract With Black America and incorporated some of his ideas and thoughts into the Platinum Plan,” Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson told Breitbart News, confirming Ice Cube’s claims.

The Friday and Ride Along star has faced heavy backlash, mostly on social media, for his decision to work with the Trump White House. Ice Cube has refused to back down.

“Fuck you SNL,” Ice Cube tweeted over the weekend, after the long-running NBC sketch comedy show mocked him for praising President Trump’s Platinum Plan. “Trying to reduce me to greed.”

Last week, Ice Cube told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that he likes the fact that the president’s plan ‘is aimed towards black Americans. “You know, that’s the key. I just think whatever we do got to be aimed toward black Americans.”

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