The Joker is tracking to about a $90Million opening week!

According to Deadline reports “Joker” The DC R-rated film directed by Todd Phillips, and can make up to $90 million in the opening week, and maybe more! That will break the previous record held by Venom for October, and that too was a sort of stand alone movie about a notorious Villain without the “Superhero” they always fight with. This movie has no BATMAN but it’s also not your typical JOKER as previously viewed before which is odd saying since they have all been totally different from the comics, and each actor who’s played him both in live action or cartoons have had a unique take on the role. But still some people bitch “This isn’t the real joker!” well hate to break it to those nerds.

There is no “REAL JOKER” and thus this is one version of a “Fictional Character” and so take that going into this movie.

The film scored really well at the Venice Film Festival, and some believe it could be an OSCAR contender. Heath Ledger (Rest in Peace) won the Oscar for playing the iconic part in the Christopher Nolan directed “The Dark Knight” which is by far the best comic book movie using BATMAN I’ve ever seen. But as some of my own friends have told me. “You’re a goddamn Nolanite!” And I say “Guilty” to that charge… So while this movie isn’t based on any single comic or film in the history of the character it’s still the Joker in it’s core, and I want to see how Joaquin Phoenix does in the film. He’s an awesome actor, and with a PG-13 rating it’s got a great chance to raise $90 million to close to maybe $100 Million.

With how big VENOM was, and how big JOKER might be! Soon we might get a “LEX LUTHOR” movie without “Superman” which could be both interesting, and weird. Perhaps they will explain that this is the years that Clark is still on the farm, and not yet “Superman” and we see the rise of “LEX LUTHOR” and maybe in a sort of twist they could spawn off a new Superman in one of of the sequels if it does well.

I’m all for these ideas of making movies which focus on the so called bad guys because sometimes good people can go bad, and as we know with Anakin Skywalker even the one chosen by the force to bring balance can fall to the darkside, and become the most evil figure ever to grace our screens. (Fuck off this is my opinion!) So with that said however I can’t wait to see The Joker, and the trailers do look good. I know it has had mix reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but I could give a shit about online critics, and other bloggers, and even my own friends think. I want to see it, and judge for myself. Check out the trailers below, and go check out the movie. I know I will.

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