The FISA Report will be explosive! Plus much more!

Another “DemocRAT Bombshell” from the impeachment blows up in their face, and don’t forget! “The Wrap UP Smear!” But let’s start with this video below folks.

Another “DemocRAT” “Bombshell” from the impeachment blows up in their face! (Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the scum on the left.) I can’t believe these morons keep trying, and it keeps blowing up in their face this way. Watch, and pay close attention… Another “MAJOR” witness called, and transcript just released by the left shows NOTHING, and Actually helps to prove how TRUMP was telling the truth all along. Ambassador Taylor is a big NOTHING burger as is often been used to describe these reports coming each time the left claims they got something. Amazing that people still fall for this crap. INFACT watch this report, and see how the media tries to twist reality into something to fit a false narrative.

Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing discuss the highly anticipated FISA report, and say that what’s coming is “EXPLOSIVE” and all fingers point to the all mighty OBAMA! Yes folks the dots are being connected, and it’s looking like we have a big drop coming soon, and 2020 is going to shape up as one hell of important election, and what William Barr is investigating is going to shake the foundation of a lot of people in congress, washington, and in this country. I’m 100% sure that what will be found will be so damaging that it will explain why the entire left, and Hollywood went ape shit on TRUMP! This whole thing has been a big coverup to help Obama, and Hillary folks. The Media, Hollywood, Congress have all been the ones colluding.

This entire hoax based on lies, and a bunch of traitors, and con artist. All because they’re trying to cover up for people who broke the law. Think about that. They’re trying to impeach a President who’s done nothing wrong to cover up lies, and illegal activity. As Nasty Nancy Pelosi said this is all been part of “The Wrap UP Smear” she said it, and the DemocRATS have been using it on TRUMP!

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