The E.T Mayor Lori Lightfoot V.S Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany DESTROYS Far Left Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and HUMILIATES Mainstream Media!!! Dr. Steve Turley posted a great video on YouTube about this but let’s be real, and look at Lori Lightfoot aka the ET of Chicago! This woman is a disaster, and so is the city of Chicago, and it’s her fault. She’s literally got blood on her hands but she doesn’t care about the many people she’s getting killed in the city. ALL This woman cares about is self serving her PR on tv to trash TRUMP! The last 4 years her only agenda is trying to gain fame by hating the President, and showing her racist ideology against white men. Funny since she dresses like a man, and looks like a fucking alien!

She says below that TRUMP is attacking them? The fact is reverse! Since day 1 these women have attacked him when he’s done nothing of the sort. Remember what’s her face who when she got her seat in congress she said “WE’RE GOING TO IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER!” This from a woman who Trump had never said a word about. All these woman are liars, and like to project their lies on the President. This Lori Lightfoot is a crazy alphabet person who thinks that Trump is the cause of the worlds problems… This guys been President for almost 4 years, and she blames him for 100’s of years of problems? She’s such a joke. Think of how stupid this is!? To blame someone for all the worlds problems who’s not been in politics until he ran for President and never held office. But none of these career politicians who have done nothing for the country all blame him? Why haven’t these career politicians fixed the social issues in the last 40 years? Like Joe Biden who’s a complete poster boy for the main problems this country has had! He’s put more black people in prison than anyone with his crime bills over the last 4 decades, and yet this is their hero? This is their candidate for President? GTFOH! You left liberals are fucking stupid! My god…

But check out this twitter video from MSNBC. Clearly she rather see Chicago burn, and it’s innocent people DIE than have the GOV come in, and end the civil protesters in Antifa & BLM which are DOMESTIC Terrorists! These 3 treasonous bitches even call our military “Stoormtroopers!”

I think it’s time Lori FootinMouth is sent packing back to her home world in Fucktardistan. Stupid con artist bitch. These women in that video are evil folks, and hate this country, hate white people, hate real democracy, hate our constitution, and our way of life. They want to destroy it, and make this a socialist society, and join in on a new world order take over of the country. This is the final leftist agenda! Notice how all the cities that are allowing these riots are ALL ran by democrats? These people don’t give a shit about rules, laws or our country or it’s people. They want to see it all burn down, and Lori and her Hench women of evil all need to be sent to prison! They’re committing treason.

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