The Democrat Party is all in for Biden!

But think of it the alternative is communist and socialist loving Bernie Sanders. Not only is that man an evil old man who once honeymooned in the soviet union, and who praises murdering megalomaniac and now dead Fidel Castro. But I know while Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden isn’t known for his love of Castro or the Soviet Union like one Bernie Sanders! Joe isn’t exactly a person without Fidel like Skeletons in his closet as he will remind you he was the VP to one Barack Hussein Obama who went to Cuba, and not only met with Raul Castro but also Fidel, and praised them also.

Let’s not forget that Joe Biden has a history of lying, racist remarks, and there is the whole Ukraine scandal he was involved in with his son which is under investigation, and one which might eventually land him in prison if he doesn’t pardon himself as President. I’d still like to find out how a no experience guy like Hunter Biden made Millions sitting on a company which again paid him millions based on zero experience, and recently having been found with crack. I mean most crackheads don’t run up the ladder like this in the business world do they?

I find it hilarious how the left wants to attack Trump, and call him a communist, and or socialist but want to vote for either of these two lunatics “Biden & Sanders” I mean I don’t care how bad you think the Orange man is he’s not as bad as those two fuckers. Seriously Trump is HE-MAN aka Prince ADAMS compared to these two assholes. Why on earth would the democratic party or any sane person want to bring those evil agendas into this nation? What purpose does it serve but to destroy what we have here in place now.

Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have all backed out of the 2020 race for the Presidency on the United States of America, and while they all may have had different reasons to drop out but the common theme seems to be the rallying cry that the party supposedly wants to do.

They believe that the fun and games are over when it comes to Bernie Sanders. He was a nice novelty in the corner of the room for a long time. Then 2016 happened and their election had to be rigged to help Hillary Clinton defeat him for the nomination.

Now here we are in 2020 and it is happening all over again. Bernie is gaining traction. And like James woods said in his tweet “MAKE IT STOP!”

So now three candidates have dropped out and a certain candidate had a big win in South Carolina. The party whether by design or not has decided that Joe Biden is the best choice for the party and to defeat Donald Trump, and this is simply something which cannot happen considering the best and from the looks it top choice they got is one one of the most corrupt liars in the history of politics.

What world does that even make sense? You want to put the gaffe machine known as Joe Biden go up against Donald Trump on a debate stage? Do they want another repeat of 2016? The reality is that the Democrat Party is very lost right now and has been for quite some time. Just like Biden who mumbles and stumbles his way across the country the Democrat Party is dead right now.

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