The Declaration Of Independence Biden Style!

Biden Forgets The Declaration Of Independence, and Speaking at a campaign rally in Texas Biden also forgot it was Super Tuesday not Super Thursday. OOps! Looks like things are not well “Inside Joe Bidens Head” lmao pun intended. Call this a “Quid Pro Joe SLip UP!”

And this is the man the left wants to be the President over Donald Trump? AM I Missing something here? This guy is lost in translation. I mean I get it he’s not as bad as Bernie Sanders but he’s not fit to be President. No matter he will beat Bernie Sanders and get the nomination on Super Tuesday, and he will lose to Trump. This I’m 100% sure about, and if he would some how beat Trump he is the perfect puppet for the left. Joe is so lost he will be used as a puppet while the interest groups which control him actually ruin, I mean run the country.

IF and when Biden wins expect him to announce someone like Mayor Pete to be his possible running mate. I really think this is why Pete ButtiGuy left the race, and instantly endorsed Biden. So there this is now my prediction cause my last name is ESPino. LMAO! Watch that video, and laugh a few times folks it’s pretty funny stuff.

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