Thank you CNN!

I thought voter fraud was a right wing conspiracy theory? Well looks like this is finally a thanksgiving that’s produced something good from CNN of all places, and well wouldn’t be funny if this video shows the lying Fake News narrative they’re now pushing to be just that? I mean they wanted to see proof? Well here is your own reporting proof from CNN. We know how much they love to hate Trump so get your riot gears ready folks this video is a must watch, and pass around like a big blunt in a house party.

Remember them saying that there was no way these machines could be used to cheat? Well looks like that’s only until it was their guy using the machine to cheat eh? lol Man this is so amusing to see these far radicals just blow it everytime… Here the video below it’s mind blowing… CNN should be applauded for this footage, and it should be played everywhere, and we need to make this viral.

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