Thank God for the Nerds (Jon Lajoie)

Love this guy! He’s hilarious, and this song had me cracking the hell up… Been a big time fan of his work on YouTube for years, and if you want to laugh hard I highly recommend his channel, and videos. As he put it in this song he released here about the CoronaVirus outbreak we’re all under… Seriously WTF is yogurt made out of? 🙂

“In these surreal, frightening times, I’ve been realizing more than ever how helplessly reliant and dependent I am, as a non-smart person, on all the incredibly intelligent, hard-working professionals who’ve dedicated their lives to becoming experts in their respective fields. To the doctors, healthcare workers, epidemiologists, immunologists, microbiologists, and all the other “ists,” we would be F%*ked without you. Thank you for all the years of studying and work you put in in order to be ready to go to battle for us right now.”

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