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Robin Stein

Robin Stein

When less than one year old, Robin found herself floating on the ceiling of a hospital room with several spirits around her… While she floated over her body with the other ghosts she watched doctors resuscitating her tiny body.

From then onwards, they were her constant companions…

She healed all creatures and it fascinated her that a bird would fall asleep instantly when she held it between her hands.

Once her mother found her in a paddock of wild brumbies, lying in the middle of the pack with her arms draped around a big mare. She began to heal people from about the age of nine.

Robin has written three inspired books on Numerology, bringing the subject very accurately into the 21st century.

Her beloved 27 year old son Dovi disappeared without a trace in 2002, stopping her heart and putting her into bed for five years. Through this time she was pushed by spirit to write her two new e-books on her success assisting women to conceive naturally, as well as to create a website for her work with organic and biodynamic farms to create successful homeoeopathic pest and weed eradication remedies, as well as bite and sting antidotes.

This work constitutes her legacy to the world. She has collated her expansive healing knowledge to offer to people everywhere because the earth and all living things need to heal from the massive onslaught of chemicals it has endured. Robin knows this is the reason for her incarnation in this age.

Robin believes that information is power. She does not believe any information should be exclusive, so she shares her knowledge with the patients she treats, to assist them to stay healthy. She continues to heal animals, all creatures, plants and trees, as well as the earth, holding many keys to detoxify areas from chemicals.

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