Tattoo Shops re-open in Florida! Or do they?

Chico is a great dude! Known of his store for years and had a lot of people who’s got work done at his location, and they’re awesome… IF you have any issues with them being professional you’re a fool… I’m not a paid sponsor, and I don’t work there but he’s got a good spot, and knows what he’s doing. So if you’re in the area I highly recommend Chico’s Marked for Life.

Check them out, and check out how great a store they got… These guys deal with the public everyday, and they handle everything with the ultimate care.

“Chico’s Marked 4 Life is an elite Miami tattoo shop full of award-winning artists that travel all over the United States as part of the M4L Pro Team. Chico’s Marked 4 Life Tattoo Studios are a hub where great ideas are met with wonderful artistic talent and bring to life one of a kind custom designs for your tattoos that will last a lifetime. So come in and let us tattoo you with the excitement we had with our first tattoo and the respect and dedication as if it were our last.”

The government better get some payments to people a whole lot quicker if they’re going to avoid companies to open, and get the economy going again, and let people make a living. Not everyone has a Nancy Pelosi filled fridge of 24k worth of ICE Cream! Now I know there will be people who refuse to get back to work out of fear but those who do want to get back to work should be allowed as long as they’re not symptomatic, and are careful with dealing with the public. This is I guess the new normal folks, and we need to get used to it or welcome a prison planet. I do highly recommend Chico’s shop if you’re in the Miami Area.

Check out the article on New Times…

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