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Tha Realest Will be a guest on my show on July 8th!

Anyone who knows my taste in music knows i’m a life long west coast rap fan, and grew up listening to the sounds of NWA, The DOC, Eazy E, Ice Cube, The Dogg Pound, Crooked I, and well there was always one artist who didn’t get I feel the love he deserved by a lot of people for whatever stupid reason they had about him. Mostly it was his involvement with Suge Knight, and Death Row Records which is where we first came to know him, and his name is Tha Realest (Yes that’s his stage name).

I’m Cuban born but I lived in the 80’s in California, and yes I remember watching all these guys coming up, and while I’m a Tupac fan who was originally from New York. He was the main reason why got into listening to Digital Underground, and Death Row Records. Once Tupac passed away in 1996 I thought for sure this would be the end of the once mighty Death row.

The label managed to stay around for a while longer while Suge Knight was in prison, and the artists like Crooked I, DPG, ATL, and Tha Realest kept the label alive for years. But like all good things it did eventually come to an end, and now all we have is the memory of that label… But Tha Realest has been making amazing music since he left that label, and well I’ve wanted to interview him since I started my show a decade ago but didn’t know how to get a hold of him. Until now, and while yes he’s been making really dope music for 2 decades plus, and his music deserves to get more play as he’s an extremely talented rapper and someone who I’ve been a fan of for as long as I can remember. Check out the show coming up in July 8th 2021 as we will all Witness Tha Realest!