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Tha Realest Will be a guest on my show on July 8th!

Anyone who knows my taste in music knows i’m a life long west coast rap fan, and grew up listening to the sounds of NWA, The DOC, Eazy E, Ice Cube, The Dogg Pound, Crooked I, and well there was always one artist who didn’t get I feel the love he deserved by a lot of people for whatever stupid reason they had about him. Mostly it was his involvement with Suge Knight, and Death Row Records which is where we first came to know him, and his name is Tha Realest (Yes that’s his stage name).

I’m Cuban born but I lived in the 80’s in California, and yes I remember watching all these guys coming up, and while I’m a Tupac fan who was originally from New York. He was the main reason why got into listening to Digital Underground, and Death Row Records. Once Tupac passed away in 1996 I thought for sure this would be the end of the once mighty Death row.

The label managed to stay around for a while longer while Suge Knight was in prison, and the artists like Crooked I, DPG, ATL, and Tha Realest kept the label alive for years. But like all good things it did eventually come to an end, and now all we have is the memory of that label… But Tha Realest has been making amazing music since he left that label, and well I’ve wanted to interview him since I started my show a decade ago but didn’t know how to get a hold of him. Until now, and while yes he’s been making really dope music for 2 decades plus, and his music deserves to get more play as he’s an extremely talented rapper and someone who I’ve been a fan of for as long as I can remember. Check out the show coming up in July 8th 2021 as we will all Witness Tha Realest!

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Canibus re-mixed with a real dope beat by Anabolic Beatz!

Sometimes you just gotta pay respect when something cool happens… I was listening to this beat by Anabolic Beatz right here on YouTube, and I remembered a freestyle by Canibus from when he was in the ARMY as I was listening to the beat so I took my “SNAGIT” software, and I simply recorded over the the video of Canibus, and had the beat play in the background in another tab… I didn’t edit the audio into it or placed it in any place using any fancy software other than SnagIT which is a program that captures screen video, and pictures, and I just let it play, and look at how dope this came out.

Shoutouts to Anabolic Beatz for this dope beat, and to Canibus for being one of the dopest rappers alive, and for serving his country. He’s a real patriot, and a real MC. This is what happens when you get someone as dope as Canibus and you post his live freestyle that’s over no beat, and you mix it with a dope beat. Again nothing but SnagIT used.

Check out the two links I used.


Anabolic Beatz:

Canibus Music News Random Music News

Canibus Induction into the Hip-Hop Museum DC

Canibus is top 4 greatest rappers of all times…From any form of RAP! ….. I think this is long overdue. Finally someone pays tribute to the greatest pure MC that’s ever graced the mic! He’s been ripping bars for 20 years while other fake MC’s lick they lips, and pose for woman mags! Canibus murders mics, and keeps it true to HIP HOP! I can put on any Canibus cd today, and play every track with very few skips because honestly even if the beat wasn’t the best his lyrics, and verses was always dope. Even now! The music holds up, and is still better than most rappers today! He really was an MC a head of his time, and it’s because of him that more, and more rappers rap using hard metaphors, and stuff.

My top 20 favorites are:
01. Tupac
02. Canibus
03. KRS-1
04. Notorious BIG
06. Killah Priest
09. Ghostface Killah
10. Method MAN
11. Layzie BONE
12. 50 Cent
13. REV RUN (Run-DMC)
15. MC REN
16. Vinny PAZ
17. Krayzie BONE
18. NAS
20. ODB

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🤩🎶 Guest Will “Souljah Boy” Lyons

As one of the original members of the record label Mo Thugs Will “Souljah Boy” Lyons was always determined to make noise in the rap game, and has been putting in work for almost two decades! Tonight we get to hear from him exactly what he’s been doing since he left Mo Thugz, and we will hear some brand new music from him which will knock your socks off! Great guest, and great show tonight.


Inside Tha Jackals Head Music

W/ Cynile


Born, and raised in Brooklyn New York Cynile who now lives in queens New York got into music at an early age… He was about 7 or 8 years old to be exact. He did not start telling people about it until he was 13 which was also the time he started to become serious about the music he wanted to make, and where he wanted to take his craft, and love for hip hop.

“I was nervous about it didn’t think I was any good I’m 21 now I’m trying my best to do this music thing but I have alot of daily activities that make it hard , work , school , etc but no matter how tired I am I head into the studio to try and get creative some days are better then others like any artist” But un like many artist which I have personally heard, Cynile brings a raw flavor to hip hop which is un matched by almost anyone in RAP today.

So much so that I personally asked him to duet with me on a song, and to be part of the show as a guest… He is one of the most talented artist in Rap today. Rarely is there a rap artist that comes from the underground which captures my attention like he has, and I can honestly say that his talent will take him very far.

As you all know I believe Thin C is one of the most talented overall artist in music today period! Well Cynile might not be as known as THIN C to some folks yet! But he is right on his way to getting to that status, and with the right people behind him the sky’s the limit for this young man. Folks join me as we welcome Cynile to THA JACKALS HEAD for his first ever BTR / Tenacity Radio interview, and one which I AM Positive you will all come out a fan of his music much how I have become myself.