Taco Bell STANDS UP For whats RIGHT? Well they sold out too!

This guy clearly has no clue about reality, and he’s part of the problem… He’s clearly someone who has no idea how to handle himself according to the rules of the company he works for, and his bad attitude is exactly what’s wrong with people today.

This is the same behavior that would get him into a confrontation with a cop one day, and he will end up shot over having a big mouth, low IQ, and no people skills. I understand it’s hard being over 35 and working at Taco Bell for a living but dude I love Taco Bell so FUCK OFF! And If Taco Bell allows their employees to sport a #BlackLivesMatter mask they should also be willing to allow employees to sports masks that support the #NRA or whatever #ProLife group they would like to promote.

Same goes for #Starbucks. And I cannot believe someone would use this #RIPTacoBell I for one love Taco Bell, and yes I know it’s fast food, and not the healthiest of places but I don’t care. But anyway this guys an idiot, and Taco Bell is NOT somewhere I want Politics.

#IStandWithTacoBell #VivaGordita Listen I’ve had jobs for a long time, and when you have a dress code you have to go by it. Where does it say one gets to over rule the company dress code? Just cause they want to make a statement most don’t give a shit about? Do your fucking job, shut the fuck up, and stop being an asshole… He was rightfully fired, and watch the video below here.

But it doesn’t end there folks Taco Bell after they saw this they panicked, and instead of backing their managers who did nothing but back the rules set by the company the franchise caved in, and issued an apology to the dickhead who got rightfully fired.

Company now says it is ‘working to clarify’ mask policy after Ohio employee was fired USA Today reported Denzel Skinner posted a Facebook Live video June 8 about getting fired from a Youngstown, Ohio, location of Taco Bell after working there for eight years because he wouldn’t take off his Black Lives Matter mask.“This is crazy. All because I got a Black Lives Matter mask on that I’m losing my job,” Skinner said in the clip. “We can wear any type of masks.”

WKBN reported that Skinner said in the video and later to one of the local station’s reporters that he wore the mask because the restaurant was hot after the air conditioning recently went out. He said the surgical masks provided by Taco Bell made it hard to breathe in those conditions, so he switched to his own Black Lives Matter mask.

Skinner said a manager said he could not wear the mask.“You can’t bring politics into the building,” an unidentified woman, believed to be a manager, told Skinner in the video.“Bro, I’m not bringing politics in, this is what I’m standing for,” Skinner responded. “Like, how is this considered politics?” This is guy is a moron! I mean to say “this is what I’m standing for,” and say “I’m not bringing politics in” when BLM is a political party, and movement, and “This is what he stands for!” So he is bringing politics into it. Either he’s a moron or a brilliant liar trying to manipulate the manager.

According to Skinner, Taco Bell’s mask policy says they must be worn while working. There is nothing about the messages on the mask.“All it stated was (the mask) had to be clean,” Skinner said. Skinner told WKBN he does not plan to go back after being fired and would not come back if he was asked. A few days after the video was posted, the post began to gain traction. It has more than 34,000 views and has been shared more than 1,100 times. The fast-food chain said in its statement to USA TODAY that the company’s chief people officer and parent-company Yum!’s chief diversity and inclusion officer spoke with Skinner last week, apologizing and discussing the matter. “Our goal is to ensure our policies are inclusive and keep our team members and customers safe,” Taco Bell said in a statement.

“While our policies at restaurants do not prohibit Team Members from wearing Black Lives Matter masks, we are working to clarify our mask policy so this doesn’t happen again.”

Taco Bell is the latest company to make headlines for policies on wearing items of clothing that say Black Lives Matter. Last week, Starbucks changed its policy barring employees from wearing Black Lives Matter attire after widespread criticism. Publix, however, stood by the decision made by one of its locations in Florida to send home an employee wearing a face mask with the letters “BLM” on it, citing the company’s uniform policy which “does not permit non-Publix messaging on clothing or accessories.”

Shame on Taco Bell for saying sorry to a bully who was wrong. The manager was 100% correct based on their rules, and the fact this guy Denzel Skinner did nothing but manipulate the manager, and Taco Bell and posted it online for his 15 minutes of SHAME!

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