Supermen Unite in New Crisis on Infinite Earths Set Photos

Supermen Unite in New Crisis on Infinite Earths Set Photo, and man Brandon’s suit looks epic! Love this picture… Can’t wait to see Tom Welling in his suit.

This week has already given Arrowverse fans an early look at Tom Welling and Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kents meeting in Crisis on Infinite Earths. But noticeably absent from the picture was Brandon Routh, who will also appear in the crossover as yet another Man of Steel. Fortunately, Routh was in a sharing mood earlier today when he posted a new image to his Instagram account. The photo shows Routh and Hoechlin’s Supermen posing on the set of The Daily Planet. You can check it out for yourself below.

Tom Welling and Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kents Meet on Crisis Set, and you go.

The jury’s still out on whether all three iterations of Superman will act alongside each other. Of course, most fans are probably wondering if we’ll get to see Welling don his own costume during the crossover. If he does, it will be the first time we’ll see him playing Superman in all his glory. Routh’s classic Superman Returns outfit memorably appeared throughout Smallville’s final season. Unfortunately, viewers were never treated to a good shot of Welling wearing it. When writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Pere Pérez continued the series in the Smallville Season 11 comic, they gave him a new suit. But it’s always possible that the producers have something else planned for his character.

Superman’s future on the big-screen might be murky, but fret not: The CW has enlisted three different Men of Steel to make appearances throughout the network’s five-part Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover. It still isn’t clear if all three iterations of the character (played by Tyler Hoechlin, Tom Welling, and Brandon Routh) will share the screen at once. But now, we now know that Welling and Hoechlin will indeed have a scene together. Thanks to Lois Lane actress Elizabeth Tulloch, we have our first glimpse at this meeting of the Clarks.

Tulloch recently took to Twitter to share a behind-the-scenes look at Crisis’ Kent Farm set. With this, she’s given us a better idea of how Welling will appear when he returns to play Kansas’ favorite son. You can check out Tulloch’s image below.

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