Super Bowl LiV Sunday! ENJOY!

Hey guys today the Super Bowl 2020 takes place, and we’re going to have no show on my podcast due to it, and I hope it’s a great game. I’ll say this while I’m biased and I’m pulling old heartstrings attached to the 49ers from being a fan as a kid but I have a feeling that KC will pull this one out.

Patrick Mahomes is too good and they haven’t won in 50 years. Destiny is on their side.

Either way ENJOY the show guys…

12am UPDATE: It’s all over and the Kansas City Chiefs have won Super Bowl 2020 after beating San Francisco 49ers by 31-20. Great game, and congrats to the champs the Chiefs.

There was a score there at the end that put them on top which I think was not legit and the replays did nothing but confirm that it wasn’t Touchdown. But they allowed it anyway, and the Chiefs never looked back. Like I said before “Destiny.”

Check out some of the highlights below…

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