Super Tuesday II: : ‘Biden vs Sanders’

So it’s the 2nd Super Tuesday, and like we all knew Joe Biden is going to easily win the DNC over crazy commie Bernie… I mean once AOC endorsed Sanders I knew he was done. She’s the final nail in the Sanders Presidential Coffin. Her endorsement is as good as hearing that you have both brain, and ass cancer, and have a week to live. AOC is someone hated by just about everyone except some very stupid teenage girls who I guess have a higher IQ than she does, and it makes them feel like “if this moron can get to congress we can reach the stars!”

That’s the most positive thing I can think off when it comes to AOC sorry. But like I said when she backed Bernie I knew he was done, and doesn’t matter how many gaffe’s or mental mistakes Biden makes he’s loved by the leftist crooked media, and they will back him, and cover for him until it’s November, and Trump is re-elected. What will happen who knows. All I know is that either Sanders or Biden is bad for this country for the same reason! They’re both Leftist, Socialist/Communist. The big difference between them is Sanders still has it upstairs and isn’t having the same issues with mental laps like Biden.

But Biden is the one the media, and DemocRATS want to protect for is via his connections with evildoers around the world that he, his son, and a lot of his backers have made hundreds of Millions in illegal money trafficking. Which a large part involves our very own tax payer money. That’s what Ukraine is all about folks, and China, and all the other connections Joe and his no experience cocaine sniffing son have that they need to protect.

UPDATE: So The NOTORIOUS YANG GANG “Straight outta China” is now backing ‘Quid Pro Joe’ AKA China Joe! OR as Andrew called Him The “Prohibitive Nominee” thats right folks Andrew Yang endorsed Joe Biden on CNN on Tuesday, as Biden built on his delegate lead over Bernie Sanders with big wins in the Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi primaries. All this after almost getting into a fight with a worker in Detroit Michigan. Joe sure has the campaign skills of Freddy Krueger.

Yang said, “You can see that Biden is building a delegate lead that is only going to grow in the days ahead.” Yang’s presidential bid gained a small following known as the “Yang Gang,” but he dropped out of the race when he trailed in the New Hampshire primary. He then signed on as a special contributor on CNN. You know where all the Anti American, Anti Trump, Anti constitution Socialist/Communist end up when they lose to Trump.

Also Yang said that he gets the “frustration” of Bernie Sanders supporters, but that defeating President Donald Trump is the first priority. Yang said that he spoke to Biden last week but was not ready to endorse in the race. And we here call that being a “WINNER PICKER!”

LMAO! Checkout the fallout from Super Tuesday II: The Secret of the OOZE!

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