Rise of Skywalker was full of flaws, so was Trevorrows script. IMO But everyone’s got one, and well here is mines… HA!

While I would have made the movie start after the crawl, and yes the now traditional space scene. But in my script I would have space warp into Hyperspace, and in a sort of cosmic twist into pure darkness, and now in keeping with the first two movies I would have started where The Last Jedi ended. See I would had Luke literally fall into a black room overlooking space, and time… Another dimension? With the movie starting this way with him this way we get two major plot points out of the way… First he didn’t die, and with him sort of being rescued by Maz Kanata it will show how much more important her role is in this as she’s not a Jedi but is fully aware of the force, not just that she’s force sensitive but I’d reveal that she’s a keeper of the whills.

While I was happy with the final movie enough to close this chapter in the Skywalker saga and my personal take on the Trevorrow script which has leaked now is that both has it’s good points but both are still very flawed and not better than what could have been of this trilogy. Personally I would have liked a 3 hour cut of Rise of Skywalker but that’s just me, and maybe someday I’ll cut that together for my own ego, and fan fiction when the blu ray is released but that would ultimately be different than my own story here which is because i’ll be using footage from the movie, and whatever deleted stuff we get, and won’t have the budget or actors to re do the movie myself. lol So this is my fan fiction, and how I would have done it.

As a fan who loves these movies one thing I would have done different in the movie is how it starts, and story wise had I been doing the script, and directing the movie like I started it this blog explaining how easy it was to keep Luke alive, and not retcon the last movie “The Last Jedi.”

Here is more of what I would have done had this been my movie. I for starters would also explain why Kaz had the lightsaber as remember this was a “story for another time” and have her tell Luke that she’s in charge of fixing the timeline manipulated by Palpatine, and that he’s alive, and thus now Luke has to return in living form as this would explain why he vanishes, and is alive. This would also tie in the “Rebels” time travel reveal, and really tie things together.

From there I would have had Luke show up soon as Rey returns to HQ and surprise her that he’s alive, and he explains how, and why he felt like he had died to her. I would have had him tell her that Finn is also Force sensitive, and together they will one day rebuilt the Jedi order when he (Luke) eventually dies.

A Poe & Rey love story would have been ideal, and Finn and Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix aka Billie Lourd or Carrie Fishers real daughter who’s been in all the 3 movies, and WAY underused IMO. Also I would have written Tico out of the movie, and given more time to the Palpatine & Kylo Ren story arc. Tico was a totally unneeded character who just ate up screamtime best suited for the core cast.

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