Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

Well for better or for worse here it is folks! This is the final trailer for what the Disney/Lucasfilms folks are calling “THE FINAL” movie in the Skywalker Saga. Now now I know! We’ve been told this before… Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi were also support to wrap it all up but NO! We got this new diverse and fan dividing sequel trilogy now coming to a conclusion, and while it’s been a mix bag some good, and some bad. For the most part the good was in Episode 7 while 8 was the bad. Episode 9 well just judge for thyself, and you tell me in the comments below what you think! I think it looks cool but too many damn flashbacks!

I hope they don’t end up in the movie….. The SW Movies should NEVER have had flashback scenes. This sort of shit NEVER happened in the OGT or the Prequels, and shouldn’t happen now. That’s been my main issue with these new movies the flashback scenes, and well when Ray was training they showed you what she was feeling as she was reaching out for the force. This also should never have us see what the they see. IT Ruins the illusion of the moment she’s having, and for the audience it shows too much. Great filmmakers make great films without those tricks, and this is why Lucas is GOD, and JJ is a Padawan. But anyway ENJOY the trailer, and it’s coming out in a couple of months so the wait is almost over my young padawans.

Oh, and I gotta say I agree with my good buddy K1 Aka “Kelvin Murray” who said “Palpatine voice over was cool” he’s known for his love of the sequels, and he’s been such a big fan from day one. We also know that K1 loves him some JJ Abrams as a director. And we all know how much K1, and I love the Star Wars movies, and if you know how me, and him agree on so much it wouldn’t shock you that me, and him agree once more on this trailer. He’s championed this new sequel trilogy like no other on the net. He was positive from day 1, and all because like a real fan K1 will always remember 1 thing said by JAR JAR “Oh, But It ‘Tis. ‘Tis Demanded By The Gods, It ‘Tis.” – Jar Jar Binks” here’s to you buddy. You’re the true Jar Jar Binks of SW Fandom.

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