Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Well folks the movie is here, and now it’s time for people to drop their reviews of the movie, and from the looks of it…. Dumpster fire? Well I’ve seen the movie, and while I’m doing this spoiler light review I will be posting a video review sometime this weekend on YouTube and will link it here on the site.

I’ll start by saying that to me the movie Wasn’t terrible it was a conclusion that I thought it would go this way from the moment I got out of watching “The Force Awakens” and given how “The Last Jedi” was a film that did away with a major player we thought in SNOKE! But from a storytelling point I’m sure it wasn’t easy to tie up three trilogies.

Director JJ Abrams is a great director at setting a tone and bringing in those moments which gives us that good old STAR WARS “Feels” but in the end this is about as positive as one can be because truth is at the end of the day Disney, Abrams, Johnson, and everyone involved delivered a trilogy which doesn’t fit how it should, and really which didn’t come close to the greatness of the original or even close to the prequels. Yes I enjoyed the prequels more.

I’ve never been shy about being a fan of the first two trilogies, and I’ve often said that we needed more movies set between EP 3, and 4. Like I wanted to see an Obi Wan trilogy, and we got a Rogue One, and Solo movie instead. (I liked Rogue One but Solo was pure trash.) The movie has a fine pace, and the final shot is nice, and it gets you by touching all the right beats with words, visual and music. But again this is when JJ is at his finest! The main issue which keeps this movie from being a great movie is the script.

But it wasn’t a great script not because of JJ he came up with the story, and he shot the movie but his writer who had a ton of input from what I’ve read Chris Terrio is a horrible script writer. He’s been living off Argo since Argo but everything else he’s done has been terrible, and when he was first announced as the guy in charge I knew some of this would be a mess.

Now I called the Palpatine connection (spoiler) with Ray a long time ago probably around just before he was officially announced on one of the podcasts I’ve done. I was called crazy then but truth be told it’s the only logical way really you can tie all 3 trilogies. Palpatine always should have been the central brains behind the evil that manipulates it all.

JJ found the best way he could, and this part I had no issues with myself while I’ve seen others complain. When you think about it the moment Snoke died we all knew this would be how it would play out. There are characters in this movie which have no real place to even be here, and are wasted but the main character which I’m sad got the shit treatment after a great start is FINN! He literally was useless after a great debut in “The Force Awakens” I hope we see more of him in a spinoff or something.

Someone else who was completely used used was the daughter of Fisher herself “Billie Lourd” they had her be a small player in the new Disney Star Wars trilogy and I felt really she should have had more screen time, and they wasted it on Rose Tico? Seriously why? That entire storyline was useless! But anyway Billie also stood in for the role of Leia in one scene where she’s training with Luke. The CGI was a bit bad in that scene, and well they could have left that out. There is never need for flashback scenes in STAR WARS. This is one major issue I had with these 3 movies compared to the first two trilogies.

The original trilogy doesn’t have a “flashback scene” they have the actor deliver a line which tells you the story point, and it’s all we need. Let your actors act. To me one of the best moments in all of STAR WARS in these 3 trilogies is when Luke is talking to Leia about her memories of her mom. Her real mom in “Return of the Jedi”, and there is no flashback just good acting, and great dialogue between actors.

The almost none involvement of Luke first bothered me but I think overall I’m ok with it for a couple of reasons. ONE Mark Hamill really has gone batshit crazy in the last decade in real life, and I don’t think he’s all ok upstairs. IF you follow his tweets you can see what I’m saying… So I don’t care to ever see him again, and besides being this movie is set so far after the originals, and it’s about a younger crew of actors this is their movie, and so it’s only logical how they ended up using the older crew.

Besides if we know one thing from watching STAR WARS is that everybody dies at some point.. Except for Darth Maul & Boba Fett! Oh, and in his mind Mace Windu. Sam Jackson said George Lucas agreed that Mace could still be alive after his fall in the prequels. I’d like to maybe see that explored in a Disney+ series or Movie series. IF we know one thing! SAM Jackson would jump at the chance to play the role again.

Now overall I enjoyed “Rise of Skywalker”, and liked it enough to say I’m cool with how it all concluded but when you take a look at the overall trilogy they did miss the boat big, and this trilogy could have been much more.

Check out the trailers below, and I’ll post my video review when it’s ready.

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