Spoof Radio (2012-Current) Voice Actor / Host


Spoof Radio is a radio show featuring a bunch of friends who like to use their comedy skills to make fun of people online who have it coming!

I can’t name many names here but let’s just say that this show is not to be missed… We don’t have many episodes but when we do a new one it’s pretty epic each time out. This show is recorded live, and most of the time it’s unscripted.

Almost every show we have done so far has had no scripting but we might have some stuff scripted in the future depends on how elaborate the spoof show is.

I do a lot of the voice overs work myself but like I said the show is myself, and a collection of my close friends.
Come check out the shows over on the main site by clicking on the banner on the left… Beware trolls your day of punishment is coming.]]>