So the big bad Spider-Man has met it’s ultimate match! Covid-19 might as well be a member of sinister six at this point. Spiderman Far From Home, and HomeComing did great numbers, and getting a 3rd movie release date had been thought of almost impossible as things almost went south last year, and the actor Tom Holland came in and he got both sides to settle it, and play nice. Than this virus hit this year, and well you know the rest! Now it got pushed once before but looks like it’s getting pushed back yet again!

The Mouse House aka that old rat infested Disney Dump! Just put out word that both James Cameron Avatar movie sequel (which nobody cares about at this point…) will get delayed, and the intended 12/17/2021 release now is wide open, so Sony has decided to push back the still untitled MCU “Spider-Man 3” also. The rumored sub title is “Home Run” which would go well with the last two films by the way; but for now the date switch it’s going from 11/05/2021 to 12/172021. Not to big a deal really if anything it will be a positive as Holiday movies usually do pretty well at the box office.

Some recent examples are in Marvel, Disney’s and Lucasfilms own catalog of movies. So again while a move would normally be seen as a bad sign! This one could be an excellent move given all things considered… But the delay of a little over a month also buys the studio more time given as a lot of productions will be underway if we’re all back to normal once the election passes, and the China/DemocRATS behave, and stop trying to spread the next KungFlu and kill more of us.

Spider-Man 3 was originally intended to be released in July 2021, but Sony decided to give that to Uncharted, which Tom Holland is now filming. Holland recently revealed he starts filming on Spider-Man 3 following Uncharted.

Rumors for the flick include that the title will follow the first two movies with “Home Run” as it’s been rumored that Peter and Spidey are on the run following the events from Far From Home which saw Spidey’s true identity revealed to the public and Peter set up for the murder of Mysterio. It’s claimed that Kraven the Hunter hunts Spider-Man, with Kraven’s half-brother villain, Chameleon, pretending to be Spider-Man, possibly making the Wall-Crawler look even worse by committing crimes as a look-alike imposter.

The two Spidey movies set in the MCU have brought in over two billion dollars, and Holland has also appeared in Captain America: Civil, The Avengers: Infinity War, and The Avengers: Endgame, and is also rumored for Captain Marvel 2 and an Avengers 5, and for sure most of the core cast will return other than Holland, and Jon Watts is going to return to direct.

Now I know this is fan art here but man this looks sweet! I want a crossover movie like this to happen so bad. I love the comic, and cartoons where Daredevil & Spiderman meet, and well since it looks like in this story our local neighborhood spider-man or um Peter Parker will need to lawyer up! Why not get Mr Matthew Michael Murdock himself to represent him? The movies name is “Home Run” like in the poster… The movies titles so far have been “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” and now “Spider-Man: Home Run.” But with all this Covid 19 stuff they should have called it “Spider-Man: Stay At Home.” lol

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