Spacecraft detects strange green glow on Mars!

An orbiting spacecraft has detected a strange green glow on planet Mars that had never been seen before, and only previously seen on our very own planet Earth. The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) spotted glowing green oxygen in Mars’s atmosphere similar to the northern lights seen on Earth.

It’s something that for decades scientists had looking in the night skies for, and not until the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite spotted it, according to a study published in Nature Astronomy. had it only been theorized as being something we would see one day.

On Earth, glowing oxygen is produced during polar auroras when energetic electrons from interplanetary space hit the upper atmosphere, creating a distinctive green glow, and while the atmospheres of Earth and Mars also glow constantly during both day and night as sunlight it’s because it interacts with atoms and molecules within the atmosphere.

On Earth, green night glow is quite faint, and can be visible in some of the spectacular images taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Now this green glow has now been detected for the first time on Mars by the ExoMars TGO, which has been orbiting Mars since October 2016. This is very exciting because this means there could be a form of “oxygen” on the red planet, and this means perhaps vegetation? I do remember videos back in the day talking about Mars which showed what looked like trees, and forests on the red planet so who knows! Maybe just maybe there is the possibility of seeding life on the planet just by going there, and planting enough seeds, and helping to expand the possible forests, and vegetation on the planet, and the rest could play itself out naturally as nature does.

Or maybe it’s best we just leave it alone, and let nature do whatever it needs to do to that world? WHO knows… I do think we’re not being told everything that’s happening on MARS, and wouldn’t put it past our government for keeping from us the entire story of what they know about Mars. Also it wouldn’t be to hard to believe that there could be ancient beings still living on the planet. Maybe that’s where we came from? Maybe some not all? I’ve theorized for a long time that we’re all here because we got here during different periods in our solar systems history in need of a new home, and we got here, and took over parts of the planet which didn’t have intelligent life already living in. Giving us the diverse looking world we have.

But I don’t think that’s something I want to write about here so just listen to my show as I usually get into these subjects. Either way cool finding on Mars, and can’t wait to hear more findings from the RED PLANET.

A few years ago this was also spoken about, and don’t know why more people were not talking about it then. But they are now. Check out these videos below.

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