📻🎶Supporting REAL HIP HOP! Souljah Boy “TOAST” FROM “The Soil”

The one, and only REAL “Souljah Boy” is back hitting hard with his latest FIRE filled TRACK from his latest release “The Soil!” As some might know Jamma King is someone I’ve had on here and is one of the few rappers alive that you can put just about any one of his cds or mixtapes, and RIDE out without skipping a track. I love this dude (no homo) he’s not just a great rapper, he’s one good dude also, and someone we should all support by buying his music, and going to his YouTube Ch and Subbing it, and giving him a big Thumbs UP! Which in todays climate (both cause of the KungFlu and how the music industry has changed due to streaming taking over) has become more, and more important.

King Jamma You keep producing that fire my dude! This is what HIP HOP needs more off… LOVE IT!

Souljah Boy “TOAST” The Soil Album Released June 5th, 2020


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