Soldier Goes To Taco Bell & what happens next is priceless!

So this Soldier Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon Goes To Order Taco Bell Meal, Stops when he hears two boys behind him trying to sell candy for a local church… Touched by the kids reason for selling candy in front of the store, and the restful attitude the kids had he did a very nice, and noble thing.

IN The video below Unbeknownst to the uniformed soldier, he had captured the attention of Jason Gibson, a man who was sitting alone and eating his meal. Both Risdon and Gibson quickly noticed a couple of boys darting around the front of the restaurant. When Risdon overheard what the boys were up to, he wanted to ask the boys a question, and it nearly left Gibson choking on his burrito. Shocked, he whipped out his phone and started to record.

Now this video is a bit old as it was posted last Mar 28, 2019… Now feels like a decade ago I know… Just think these are the same soldiers that the left are saying are “STORMTROOPERS” and have done NOTHING but trash, and dishonor the name of everyone who’s served this country. God bless men like this who do acts of kindness at random, and also put their lives on the line to keep us safe here. Shame on the democRATS who have done nothing but try, and destroy these good peoples lives with lies, and slanderous made up shit. Just to hurt the President, rig the election, fool the population, and cause civil unrest.

This folks more than everything this video should show you that not everyone in a uniform is evil… IF This Taco Bell video doesn’t make you think that perhaps letting SHAQ himself show it will. Mind you again this is now from 2016, and it involves the same kind of officers they want to defund now… This should bring it all into better perspective then the bullshit narrative being sold by the left to smear these officers.

They played basketball with the kids! Cus you know the system racist! LOL Stupid shit folks don’t let that lie fool you, and don’t let it sink in so hard that you also call to defund the police, and let the criminals take over.

Vote Trump in 2020 and let’s keep America safe by voting out these crazy liberals in congress, and in local parts of the country who take up seats as mayors, and governors in our states. They’re doing a Scare Tactics to try and swing voters to vote DemocRAT OR ELSE They will burn it all down.

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