Solar UFOs during the period Sep 21&22 2018 and Aug 2019

Found this on Twitter tonight, and thought I’d post it up here for my UFO enthusiasts out there. As you may know I host also the podcast “Skywatchers Radio” I was the original on air host, and have had many co host’s over the years most recently Alan Weiler who is best known to you as “The Other Guy” and who I’m good buddies with. He took over the show when I went away due to medical issues I’m still dealing with, and he’s since gone on a sort of break himself but soon the show will be returning. I’m not sure to what capacity I’ll be on Skywatchers Radio but I know the show will return the date is still to be determined but it will be on 2020.

But with that said I do love the sky’s, and I’m a fan of ufology as well as a devoted researcher into the subject, and when I seen this video tonight I felt compelled to share it on my page here. Let me know what you think.

This is data from last year so let’s see what happens if we look again this year during these same dates! Oh I wonder if more of these will show up??

The Best of UFOs near solar space for August 2019


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