So we got ourselves a spy!?

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the “top Ukraine expert” on the National Security Council, and one who could be a spy! ONE FACT is for sure! While he’s a war hero he’s a leak. He told his TWIN brother about a private call dealing with the PRESIDENT and another foreign power.

Now he’s sworn to secrecy when he’s listening in on these calls, and he admitted to telling someone? Doesn’t matter who it is that’s leaking, and he’s also I know a war hero who’s got a purple heart. But who’s the PRESIDENT That gave it to him? OH yeah Obama, and he served under Obama under this very same position that Trump had him on, and let him go. This folks is a man who’s upset, and while his history might be one of a hero even hero’s become bitter at some point. Either way I don’t trust him, and nothing he said is even worth impeaching the President.

This is “He said vs He said” and it’s all his opinion on a call which we know what was said, and there was NOTHING in the call worth impeaching, and there was no quid pro quo.

‘The Five’ reacts to Democrats filing Trump impeachment resolution

Oh, and can be seen in a photo posted on Twitter by the American Embassy in Kiev in May. “I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen,” he plans to tell impeachment investigators. Only problem is just because he “Thinks something was proper” or not is not his problem, and for him to do this, and being that he’s from Ukraine, a Democrat, an Immigrant, and now a spy!

Vindman May Have Committed a Crime by Sharing Trump’s Ukraine Call
How will any of this make any difference? This guy’s a moron… He should be in prison period! He told his brother, and leaked the call… He’s the leaker, and Adam Schiff used him as the “Whistleblower” this is why all the secret folks. Adam Schiff is trying to cover up another crime, and this one is from his own Whistleblower aka leaker, and aka “Alexander S. Vindman” Oh and just because he was a “WAR VET” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t SPY! Especially with his allegiance for OBAMA/CLINTON clear, and he’s a registered Democrat. He’s another paid stooge, and used to fool Americans.

“I Know Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman”

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