So this is the WAR the left now wants?

This is more LIBERAL LIES! Watch this socialist career criminal Donna Donna Shalala on MSNBC Talking about new Whistle blower Complaint, and folks the new lie being thrown for a possible “IMPEACHMENT” of the President once he beats Pedophile JOE will be that he didn’t act fast enough. These monsters, and evildoers are trying to re-write history right before your very eyes.

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Back in January Trump closed down flights in and from China and while under impeachment, and that’s all the news was covering the PRESIDENT Took those major steps and tried to warn us while these same liars now on tv started calling him a RACIST, and XENOPHOBE and this was when there was 1 person known to have had the virus kill them. Trump tried to do the right thing and got blasted for it, and a MONTH later Pelosi, and BIDEN were still calling it a lie that there no virus threat, and THEY were calling Trump a lair, and racist in FEBRUARY A MONTH AFTER!

Watch as Nasty Nancy lies on tv, and folks… She’s still trying to get people killed.

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All this he didn’t act fast enough is a lie, and these two know it is… The ones who got people killed are Pelosi, Biden, and the leftist DEMOCRATS who lied, and told people that Trump was a racist against the Chinese, and there was nothing to fear… If you’re a dumbass you will think what these morons in the video on a network that is ran by socialist democrats is being honest when they’re not.

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We all seen how Nasty Nancy Pelosi went to ChinaTown and made an AssClown out of herself, and got people killed!!! Now she wants to point fingers, and Joe “Pedophile” Biden you know Creepy Joe “The Sniffler” who doesn’t even know what state he’s in half the day got people killed! All these leftists who were too caught up on a bogus impeachment witch hunt are the ones that got AMERICANS killed… Stop projected the blame at Trump when it was YOUR DOING! This is why the hardest hit states from this virus are HEAVY DemocRAT states cause they got lied too by their people, and the dumbcunts who vote BLUE died cus of it.

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Yet all Nasty Nancy does is take shots at the President, and now she wants science? Folks this is the same woman again who was in CHINATOWN a month AFTER the President told people that he’s being informed that this thing from CHINA could be a major outbreak so he was closing flights down. All she did again was get people killed, and lie and laugh about how much she loves ICE Cream while Americans died.

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Hey Nasty Nancy this ones for you…

Listen to her idiotic rambling this old career criminal socialist has no clue on what she saying, and is clear she’s just repeating stuff she’s being told.

I’m in Miami Florida, and I now know who to vote out in the upcoming election, and Donna you’re out as far as I’m concerned.

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