So let’s see some fake news! CNN Like always gets TRUMPED! LOL

he’s losing his mindHere is the President proving that he saw news on Hurricane Dorian possibly hitting anywhere even Alabama which the media went and called him a liar, and used it like he misspoke, and was losing his mind, and had Joe Biden mental like brain farts which might be as they said “he’s losing his mind!” Which reminded me of this scene here, and how the DemocRATS have become the character Jon Lovitz played in the movie “The Wedding Singer.”

He actually didn’t get the report wrong he actually said what he saw on tv, and what was reported early was EXACTLY what the President said, and the best part is going to be what you see how much of a moron Jim Acosta, and the rest of the left are, and even tho the Storm missed the target of Alabama, and did minimal damage to FLA thankfully It almost look like the libtards are mad we didn’t get slammed by the storm as bad as the Bahamas! LOL Now they gonna blame Trump for Hurricane’s also?

LOL I love this video.

Fox hosts’ takes on Trump claim will give you whiplash after President Trump presented a map projecting the path of Hurricane Dorian that appeared to be altered with a sharpie, two Fox News hosts took completely opposite positions on the matter. – Source: CNN

NOAA Disputes Its Own Experts, Siding With President Trump Over Hurricane Dorian and Alabama. Here’s a Full Timeline of the Controversy

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