Skywatchers Radio W/ Robert Morningstar & Lance Burton [Part 2]

Tonight Angel & Alan are also going to be joined by Mr Robert Morningstar of UFO DIGEST who will be with us on the show as a special guest co-host as we welcome back Mr Lance Burton the author of the new book ‘The Blood of a God’ which is set to be released soon on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

This is part 2 of our talk with Lance Burton who was such a great guest that we had to bring him back on as soon as possible. We love to talk ufology here but we also love it when people who join the show are fun to talk to. Tonight we should have a blast with the round table we have.

BIO: Lance promises us to have a premise that he “believes to be a unique explanation of the UFO and Extra-terrestrial issue that you won’t hear from any other source.”

Lance is a former navy officer and FBI Agent with a long history of interest in searching for the truth behind the veil of what we are told.

Pre-orders for the book will be available soon through his website

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