SKYWATCHERS RADIO W/ Rich Giordano & Paul Dale Roberts

Tonight we welcome good friends Rich Richard Giordano, and Paul Dale Roberts!First hour we have on none other then Rich Giordano the man behind AZ UFO SHOW! Live for a whole hour. We will go over some news, and topics in the world of ufology with Rich, and get his perspective on a few things which we have to talk about tonight.

During the second hour of the show we are joined by good friend, and very popular regular on the show. A fellow researcher, and investigator Paul Dale Roberts! As always we will have Paul tell us what’s new in his world.

Last 10minutes of the show we will have our latest BLASTS THROUGH THE A HOLE segment where we will read your emails which are sent to us via our A HOLE!

Remember for more information on the A HOLE please email

We want to take your calls, and so we will have open lines all night folks! You better call in at (786) 245-8127 or find us on skype PSN RADIO!

To listen in on your mobile or tablet device you can also click PSN RADIO or look us up on “TuneIN.”


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