W/ Rich Giordano

Join Angel & Alan as they welcome controversial online radio host, fellow ufologist, and Skywatcher on his own right Rich Giordano. Rich, and Angel have a history which started off ugly, and has ended up in a weird friendship. Once a host on PSN RADIO Rich has gone away from Radio for a bit, and plans on resuming his radio show “The AZ UFO Show” soon on another network.

Rich Giordano is tired of the hoaxing, the money making schemes, the lies and the backstabbing in UFOlogy.  The AZ UFO Show does not tolerate hoaxers. If you would like to speak to Rich Giordano please call in at 1 (786) 245-8127 or find us on skype PSN RADIO!

To listen in on your mobile or tablet device you can also click PSN RADIO or look us up on “TuneIN.” For the podcast of the show check out www.skywatchersradio.com

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