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Joining Skywatchers Radio this week is none other than Peter Levenda!


Peter Levenda was born in 1950, New York City. He is best known for his books on Nazism and its use of occult and mystical practices and sources, and is an expert on use of former Nazi scientists in promotion of rocketry in the U.S., the space program and NASA. He is also known for using the Freedom of Information Act to add to source material for his speculation and theories about the involvement of the U.S. Government in research of dubious ethics, including research on human subjects without their knowledge.

He was the president of the international division of Ortronics, Inc., a telecommunications company based in Connecticut.

He appeared in the TNT documentary Faces of Evil as an expert on Nazi history with special regard to occult and esoteric practices. He has also appeared on the History Channel special Nazi Prophecies. His most recent work, The Hitler Legacy, investigates the extent of Nazi influence before WWII in Indonesia, as well as possible escape to the Indonesian “archipelago” following the war. Levenda lives in Miami, Florida.

One of his most important works is “Ratline.” This is an investigation of the REAL O.D.E.S.S.A. (Organization der ehemaligen Schutzstaffel-Angehörigen; Organisation of former members of the S.S.). The Odessa was the subject of Frederick Forsythe’s novel “The Odessa File” which was made into a film starring Jon Voight in the early 1970s. This far-reaching organisation, whatever its “official” name, funded as early as 1943 when the “Endsieg” seemed unlikely, made it possible for Nazi war criminals to escape Europe to the Middle East, South America, and even, he suggests, Indonesia. Many of the war criminals passed through Salzburg, Austria, the purported site of the Nazi “Final Redoubt.”

He cites evidence that the Croatian Catholic Monsignior Krunoslav Draganović was a central character in obtaining false identities, International Red Cross travel papers, and the like. He also has examined extensively Operation Paperclip, which brought the U.S. into direct contact with and sheltering of hundreds if not thousands of scientists, intelligence officers, and war criminals following WWII (the justification being anti-Communist contributions these people would make to the cause of Western Civilisation against the Bolsheviks).

Draganović’s activities made it possible for many members of the “Ustashe” (Croatian SS) to escape justice for war crimes. General Reinhard Gehlen essentially ran West German counterintelligence throughout a critical period of the Cold War.

Simon Necronomicon: Levenda is also believed to be “Simon”, the author of the Simon Necronomicon, a grimoire that derives its title from H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional Necronomicon, featured in Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos stories. The assessment of Peter Levenda as the author of the Simon Necronomicon is based upon the following sources:

The U.S. Copyright Office registration for Simon’s Gates of the Necronomicon lists the author as Peter Levenda, whose pseudonym is Simon.

On the radio program “Coast-to-Coast AM”, Sunday May 10, 2009 Peter Levenda was asked directly by the host, Ian Punnett, if he was in fact “Simon”, which Levenda denied. Levenda did acknowledge working on the book with Simon. Ian Punnett made a reference to interviewing “Simon” and mentioned similarities with Peter Levenda and asked him to “say hello to Simon for him, next time he saw him”, to which Levenda laughed and said that he would.

In the article “The Doom That Came to Chelsea”,[2] Alan Cabal describes his inside information on the genesis of the Necronomicon as well as the New York Occult scene that he and Levenda/Simon were a part of. Levenda’s speculative theories are also included in a three-part “grimoire” in which he traces possible links between Charles Manson, OSS/CIA, the Kennedy Assassination, Jim Garrison’s (New Orleans Proscecutor) case, and the killing of Manson’s uncle, and the daughter of a well-known Allied propagandist and editor of German newspapers following WWII.

He has a command of a wide range of subject matter allowing him to make such speculations; his writing is as engaging as H.P. Lovecraft, and infused with his own personal experiences and close encounters with accidental death. Such a wide knowledge base is necessary to appreciate and evaluate his work.

Written works:
Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement With the Occult (1994)
Sinister Forces – The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces)(2005) – has researched the material for this book over the course of 25 years, visiting more than 40 countries and gaining access to temples, prisons, military installations, and government documents.
Sinister Forces – A Warm Gun: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (2005)
Allianza Malefica / Unholy Alliance: The Nazis and the Power of the Occult (2006)
Sinister Forces – The Manson Secret: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (2006)
Gates of the Necronomicon (as Simon) (2006)
The Mao of Business: Guerrilla Trade Techniques for the New China (2007)
Stairway to Heaven: Chinese Alchemists, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation (2008)
The Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries and the Founding of America (2009)
Tantric Temples: Eros and Magic in Java (2011)
Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler (2012)
The Angel And The Sorcerer (2012)
The Dark Lord: H. P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic (2013)
The Hitler Legacy: The Nazi Cult in Diaspora, How it was Organized, How it was Funded, and Why it remains a Threat to Global Security in the Age of Terrorism (2014)
The Tantric Alchemist: Thomas Vaughan and the Indian Tantric Tradition (2015)

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