🎙SKYWATCHERS RADIO W/ Mike Mott, Joseph F. Marra, Stephen Roberts

Join us on Skywatchers Radio tonight as we welcome back a few good friends. We have been off the for the past two weeks, and we have a lot to catch up to do…

First hour of the show we will have news, and intro as usual between Angel & Alan, and the second segment of the first hour which is after the first break we are going to have William Michael Mott on with us who will talk about an assortment of stories in the world of Ufology and talk about what he’s been up to recently with his own show, and other works.

Second hour we will have on Joseph F. Marra another good friend, and regular on the show during the first segment of the 2nd hour…  After we come back from break for our last segment we will than have Stephen Roberts host of Cancel the Cabal, and Unraveling the Secrets on the show with us.

The show will be one of the best of the season! We are packed, and ready to roll. Join us live at 1am est.


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